Behind the Ear or In the Canal? Which Hearing Aid Type Provides Ultimate Comfort

Behind the Ear or In the Canal? Which Hearing Aid Type Provides Ultimate Comfort When it comes to hearing aids, there are several different styles to choose from. Two of the most popular styles are behind the ear (BTE) and in the canal (ITC). Both styles have their pros and cons, but when it comes to comfort, which hearing aid type provides the ultimate comfort?

Explore the differences between the two styles and what makes them comfortable.

Behind the Ear (BTE) Hearing Aids:

  1. BTE hearing aids are a popular choice for those with hearing loss because they’re easy to use, simple to maintain, and suitable for all ages. These devices sit behind the ear and have a tube that carries sound to an ear tip that sits in the ear canal.
  2. BTE hearing aids come with different ear tip sizes, so the user can choose the one that fits their ear comfortably.
  3. BTE hearing aids provide comfort because they don’t rest inside the ear canal but instead rest over the ear. This means the user doesn’t experience discomfort, itching, or pain because of the hearing aid casing rubbing against the ear canal.

In the Canal (ITC) Hearing Aids:

  1. ITC hearing aids are the preferred choice for those who want invisible hearing aids.
  2. ITC hearing aids are custom-fitted to the ear canal and sit entirely inside the ear canal. They come in different sizes, including full-shell, half-shell, and completely-in-canal styles. Because of their small size, they’re almost invisible when worn, and they don’t interfere with eyeglasses or hats.
  3. ITC hearing aids provide comfort because they’re custom-fit to the ear canal, making them comfortable and secure. They don’t cause discomfort or pain when inserted in the ear canal because they’re made to fit the ear canal’s exact shape.

BTE or ITC Hearing Aids?

While both BTE and ITC hearing aids offer comfort, the answer to which is more comfortable: behind the ear or in the canal hearing aids, ultimately depends on the individual’s preference and hearing loss. Some people may prefer the comfortable fit and easy maintenance of a BTE hearing aid, while others may want the invisibility and custom fit of an ITC hearing aid.

When deciding between BTE or ITC hearing aids, it is important to consider your comfort, lifestyle, and hearing loss needs. Both BTE and ITC hearing aid styles offer comfort and ease of use, but they differ in visibility, device size, and custom fit.

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