Signia Active Pro

The Signia Active Pro model is specifically designed for users who are considered active users. The combination of a slim receiver with a slim Starkey-designed neck loop allows for a comfortable fit that is not intrusive.

Signia Active Pro model is a hearing aid that adapts to your hearing needs. It offers a wide range of features and is equipped with Bluetooth to easily connect to your mobile phone.

About Signia Active Pro Hearing Aid

Signia Active Pro and Signia Mobile Pro technology allow for the simultaneous, independent, and automatic adjustment of the volume of conversation and background noise, and thus makes it easier to hear in a variety of listening situations.  Signia Active Pro is a hearing aid made by Signia. It uses the Signia Pure High-Frequency Receiver to make it easier to understand speech, even in noisy situations.

The Signia Active Pro hearing aid is designed for people with mild to moderate hearing loss. It has a clear and natural sound to help you hear more of the words you want to hear.

Signia Active Pro Hearing Aid Features

Signia Active Pro has a number of features including:

1. Direction sense: Instantly picks up and transmits the direction of the sound.

2. Direction filter: This allows you to focus on sounds from one direction

3. Direction finder: Makes it easy to find the direction of the sound.

4. Speech booster: Amplifies the human voice up to 60 dB

5. Automatic feedback cancellation: Ensures that feedback is suppressed automatically

6. Automatic frequency adjustment: Ensures that sounds are transmitted in the most effective frequency range.

7.  Automatic volume control: Automatically adjusts the volume level to help ensure that you hear sounds around you with clarity


Signia Active Pro Hearing Aid Price & Models

Signia Active Pro X

Signia Pure Charge & Go 3nx

Rs 39990 

Rs 130000

Signia Active Pro Technology

Signia Active pro is designed for active lifestyles by providing you with crisp and clear communication in the most challenging of listening environments. The Signia Active features are fully digital and rechargeable. The rechargeable digital technology delivers high-quality sound that is similar to hearing without a hearing aid.

Signia uses a three-microphone adaptive technology to help ensure speech recognition. The new Signia hearing aids include the Starkey Signature Series, Phonak Roger Pen, and Phonak Audéo M.