Oticon CROS Family

Oticon CROS family hearing aids is the world’s first hearing aid with audio streaming directly to the hearing aid. With Oticon Opn, you can listen to streaming music, phone calls, or other audio directly from your smartphone or tablet. This innovative hearing aid technology allows you to hear your best in the most challenging listening situations.

Oticon CROS family hearing aids are specifically designed to provide better hearing in both ears, even in noise. They do this by introducing a totally new way to fit hearing aids.

About Oticon CROS Family Hearing Aid

Oticon CROS Family is the most advanced hearing aid in the CROS  family. Oticon CROS™ 3 is very easy to fit and it has a new microphone and sound processor technology. It is designed for people who want to be in the center of everything and for those who want to make sure that nothing is missed.

CROS stands for “Centralized Remote Orefice System” which is essentially a wireless hub for Oticon’s latest hearing aid devices.

Oticon CROS technology is a revolutionary new concept for dealing with the speech sounds of the world around you. It is a sound processing technology that uses a combination of digital signal processing and sophisticated software to correct the frequency response of the user’s hearing.

Oticon CROS Family Hearing Aid Features

The Oticon CROS Family is a hearing system for hearing aids. It is a wireless hearing system with a rechargeable transmitter, receiver, and smart wearing accessories.

The Oticon CROS hearing aids have features that can be used to help you hear better. Some of these features include

  • Directional microphone
  • Speech-in-noise reduction
  • Wind noise reduction
  • Smartphone integration

Oticon CROS Family Hearing Aid Price & Models

Oticon CROS miniRITE T

Oticon CROS miniRITE R

Rs. 59,625

Rs 69,750

 Oticon CROS Family Hearing Aid Technology

Oticon CROS Family is a fashionable hearing aid that you can wear with confidence and pride. The high-quality design and advanced technology provide high audio performance, making it ideal for you and your lifestyle.
Oticon CROS hearing aids are sound processors that were made for both adults and children with hearing impairment.

Oticon CROS technology was developed to help those with hearing loss by improving their ability to hear speech in noisy environments. The Cros family from Oticon is an intelligent range of hearing aids that ensures the wearer hears and is heard in the best possible way.