Insio ITC Nx

The Signia Insio ITC Nx is a hearing aid that aids with hearing and communicating. It’s small and discreet and fits invisibly behind the ear. It comes with a tiny, in-ear microphone. The device works with remote control and an app. The remote control enables you to adjust the volume, turn it on and off, and adjust the program settings.
This next generation hearing aid features a stream of real-time user feedback to the patient from the device, allowing informed real-time adjustments to be made by the patient while in use.

About Signia Insio ITC Nx Hearing Aid

Signia Insio ITC Nx hearing aid is a discreet, invisible hearing solution that helps people with mild to moderate hearing loss to hear well in everyday situations. Signia Insio ITC Nx Hearing Aid is the first hearing aid with a directional microphone that is proven to make conversations in front of you easier to hear. It is the only hearing aid with integrated directional microphone technology.

Signia Insio ITC Nx offers a variety of features for those who seek a hearing aid that is technologically advanced. It includes amazing sound personalization, as Sound IQ technology identifies the user’s environment and adjusts the sound accordingly. It also features Speech in Noise Enhancer, which removes background noise and enhances the clarity of the user’s speech. The Signia Insio ITC Nx provides Bluetooth connectivity to most mobile devices, television, and other sound sources, as well as streaming sound from one device to another.

Signia Insio ITC Nx Hearing Aid Features

Signia Insio ITC Nx Hearing Aid features include:

  • Wireless remote control
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Noise reduction
  • Bluetooth connection
  • directional microphones.
  • Range of volume and program settings

Signia Insio ITC Nx Hearing Aid Technology

Signia Insio ITC Nx Hearing Aid uses a digital technology that replaces analog hearing aids. Signia Insio ITC Nx is a hearing aid that uses digital technology that is unlike analog hearing aids. It uses an advanced processor that is compatible with all devices. Signia’s Insio ITC Nx hearing aids are one of several new technological breakthroughs the company has made in recent years. The SGN9312 device is Insio’s latest edition, incorporating everything that has made its predecessor, SGN9312 IntelliMix, so successful, and adding entirely new components.

No longer will individuals with hearing loss have to sacrifice their hearing. Signia Insio ITC Nx (Intelligent Tracking Control) is a digital hearing aid that uses feedback cancellation, a NanoPower single chip, and EDID (Enhanced Data Identifier).