Signia Active

With Signia Active, you can experience the revolutionary SmartSound technology that is as discreet as it is powerful. The Signia hearing aids stream live sound via a discreet thin wire that connects directly to your smartphone. This allows you to stream a variety of music and other entertainment directly to your hearing aids.

About Signia Active Hearing Aid

An intelligent hearing aid for the wearer, Signia Active features 2 microphones and 2 processors, which analyze sounds and make it easy to understand speech and sounds. With the use of Bluetooth technology, the hearing aid can be wirelessly connected to a smartphone. The hearing aid can then be controlled directly with the phone. This means that the wearer has control over the sound, volume, and programs of the hearing aid at all times. It also means that the hearing aid is compatible with the latest smartphone technology.

Signia active is a new generation of hearing aid that connects to a smartphone. The hearing aid connects to a wide range of smartphones via Bluetooth and is easy to use. Signia has a patented all-digital sound processing and transmission technology that has been developed for more than 20 years. The all-digital process guarantees a higher sound quality and greater security towards external influences.

Signia Active Hearing Aid Features

Signia Active is a lightweight hearing aid that comes with the latest technology for the benefit of your ears.

1. Look and Feel: Signia Active is a stylish and discreet hearing aid that comes in 6 different colors.

2. Intelligent features: Signia Active has i-EZ technology which automatically adjusts the hearing aid according to the sound conditions.

3. Better Sound Quality: Signia Active has 3D sound technology which provides crystal clear sound.

4. Automatic Wind Noise Reduction: Signia Active has wind noise reduction technology.


Signia Active Hearing Aid Price & Models

Signia Insio 2px Hearing Aid

Signia Pure Charge & Go 3nx

Rs 39990 

Rs 130000

Signia Active Hearing Aid Technology

Signia’s Active products have the latest technology that allows the background noise to be canceled out by using the microphone to listen out for the noise, then cancel it out and add a sound that works.

The Signia Active is a breakthrough, next-generation hearing aid that wirelessly streams high-quality, natural sound to your ears through a tiny, inconspicuous receiver. Signia Active uses Signia Nx Technology, which is a wireless bone-conduction implantable hearing system that transmits sound to your inner ear through vibrations that are conducted through your skull.