Pure 312 X

Signia Pure 312 X Hearing Aid Technology, the first in the Signia Series II line, incorporates Signia’s proven Pure 312 technology, which utilizes the latest generation of digital signal processing (DSP) technology. This exceptional technology provides superior clarity, speech intelligibility, and dynamic range, resulting in sound and hearing improvement. Every aspect of Signia Pure 312 X is designed for supreme clarity, and should you expect anything less, well, you have another thing coming.

About Signia Pure 312 X  Hearing Aid

The Signia Pure 312 X is a new hearing aid that is made to be discrete, comfortable, and easy to use. It has a unique design that is smaller than other hearing aids, and it is one of the smallest hearing aids on the market today. It comes with a case that is tiny enough to fit in the smallest pocket or hide in the palm of your hand.

The Signia Pure 312 X is easy to control and operate, even for those with limited dexterity. Plus, it is compatible with both mobile devices and home phones, so you can keep in touch with your friends and family.

Signia Pure 312 X  Hearing Aid Features

The Signia Pure 312 X is the first-ever hearing aid in the world to offer three different power levels to customize the sound output. This feature is called “Power Capsule”, and it offers more control over the sound.
The Signia Pure 312 X hearing aid is an excellent, easy-to-use product that allows you to amplify sounds from the outside world and helps to cancel the noise of the environment. It’s so good, in fact, that it won’t let a single sound go unheard. The Smart Ear function is also a feature of the Signia Pure 312 X. This feature automatically detects whether you are in a noisy or quiet environment, and automatically adjusts the hearing aid’s output level.

 Signia Pure 312 X  Hearing Aid Price & Models

Signia Pure 312 7X

Signia Pure 312 5X

Rs. 269,850

Rs 224,850

 Signia Pure 312 X  Hearing Aid Technology

The Signia Pure 312 X Connect technology delivers open, dynamic, and natural sound. The solution is easy to use and comfortable for daily use. You can use the Signia Pure 312 X Connect technology wirelessly via Bluetooth or from an audio source via the 3.5 mm mini-jack. Signia Pure 312 X Connect Technology is a hearing aid that is easy to connect with modern technology. It is easy to recharge the battery, and the hearing aid is easy to connect with a smartphone.