Hearing Aid Accessories

Hearing aids accessories

rechargeable solutions

A rechargeable battery is one type of battery that does not require you to replace the battery as is the case with the more conventional batteries.

Hearing aid batteries

Hearing aid batteries are available in four different sizes. Your hearing aids will run on one of these specific types of batteries.

Cleaning tools

Regular cleaning will extend the useful life of your hearing aids. Cleaning and routine maintenance steps from your hearing care provider is a good place to start.

Hearing Aid Charger

The Charge is a hearing aid accessory that actively vents air through the outer ear. It stimulates the ear with UV light to help kill bacteria and treat ear wax.

Wireless Technology

Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids can be wirelessly connected via wireless streaming accessories to devices such as televisions, cell phones, tablets, and FM systems.

Microphone Accessories

The Microphone technology lets you enjoy high-quality stereo sound from your favorite Bluetooth-enabled devices. Thanks to the Microphone accessories your hearing aids become more than just hearing aids.

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