Oticon Xceed Play

Oticon Xceed Play is a hearing aid that can be used for both ears at the same time. It offers an adaptive directional microphone, which provides good sound quality. An automatic switch-on mode allows the hearing aid to be turned on without the user needing to do anything. The hearing aid can be simply placed in a pocket or bag.

Oticon Xceed Play is the first hearing aid that is able to amplify sound from all directions. This is particularly important for young children who have poor hearing in only one ear.

About Oticon Xceed Play Hearing Aid

Oticon Xceed Play makes the first pediatric power hearing aid with wireless streaming to both ears, which enables parents to freely follow the conversation of their children in both ears. It also introduces pediatric power users to the open sound experience for the very first time.

Xceed Play creates a personalized sound experience for children with hearing loss. This hearing device features Oticon’s proprietary direct, which allows the user to adjust the volume of the sound stream before transmitting to the hearing device. Xceed Play allows the child to fine-tune their sound experience, making it comfortable for them.

Oticon Xceed Play Hearing Aid Features

Xceed Play now features OpenSound Navigator, Oticon’s proven open sound experience. OpenSound Navigator provides automatic control of gain, directionality, and filters while listening to noise. The automatic sound balancing feature automatically adjusts the sound for each individual user to ensure the best listening experience.

  • Speech cues are a vital part of Xceed Play.
  • Xceed Playakes have recently created a 360o approach to sound.
  • Gives you better speech understanding
  •  Offering a new level of performance for hearing aid wearers.

Oticon Xceed Play Hearing Aid Price & Models

Oticon Xceed Play BTE Super Power 

Oticon Xceed Play BTE  Ultra Power

Rs. 67,000

Rs 1,70,000

Oticon Xceed PlayHearing Aid  Technology

Oticon’s Xceed Play Hearing aid provides a revolutionary new approach to hearing care that closes down sounds earlier in noise to provide more clarity. Rather than acting as a filter, Oticon Xceed Paly technology goes beyond traditional hearing solutions to deliver a radical new approach to hearing care. It is sweat and water-resistant, as well.

This new product line provides an amazing new level of performance in hearing aids for individuals with hearing loss. With far more processing power, InnovEye Xceed Play is the best way for people with hearing loss to manage their communication needs.